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Wow It's been an exciting year so far.

Exciting changes have happened, I am now working with the art agency Image Design Northern Editions who are now representing my artwork, they deal with some of the most prestigious art galleries in the UK who will be displaying and selling my original pieces.  I will be adding my artwork available through Image Design on newly designed pages on this website (this will take a few days) and on my social media sites, for sales enquiries please contact them direct on the details below.  This company does not sell directly to the public but will advise you of which gallery my artwork is currently for sale.


For more information please contact 01423 873552

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Welcome to my website, I am a professional fine artist inspired by nature , I love to create artwork that reflects my passion for animals, landscape and colour, my aim is to create art that you can relate to and makes you smile, enabling you to feel a positive connection between art and nature.

Born and raised in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, I was lucky enough to have a childhood filled with many adventures into the countryside and coastal areas where my parents introduced me to the amazing world of nature.  We spent many hours walking through woodlands watching the wildlife or playing in the streams and rivers, or long sunny days at the coast exploring the rock pool and caves.  So it's no surprise that my passion is for nature, and when I wasn't out exploring the world I was creating drawings and artwork from my discoveries.

My art career began in 1991 after leaving art college at the age of 20, I had a small craft stall in our local shopping centre where I sold my artwork.  I worked at my stall often gaining an audience whilst painting pets and wildlife.  After my daughter was born in 2001 my art career took a backseat so I could be a fulltime mum and raise her in the same way I was. I still created my artwork but just not to the same extent I had previously.  In more recent years I have rebuilt my art business, mainly working from my home studio now, I have travelled around the country to various art and craft events and sold my work online, my career has again changed and I am now working with one of the finest UK art agencies who are representing my artwork and distributing it to some of the most prestigious UK art galleries.


Although i work in various art mediums it's my recent discovery of alcohol ink that has captured both my imagination and that of my customers and clients.  Alcohol ink is a fluid art medium that basically has a mind of its own, I fell in love with it as soon as I started to use it, there's something so magical and captivating about the way it works.  Its free flowing nature and vibrant colours are a perfect combination,  allowing me to create the most spectacular and eye catching pieces of artwork that will brighten up any house or office.  When creating my artwork my studio tends to look more like a science lab than an artists studio with all my unconventional tools including, pipettes, straws, bottles and spritzers, occassionally though,  I will still use a brush!  I love art that makes you happy and can bring a smile on even the dullest of days, lets face it, in England we're used to dull days.  My work is fuelled with positivity, joy and love and my is aim is that you can feel that emotion in the pieces I create.


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